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Obesity MD Can Prescribe GLP-1

Find Out if you are a candidate for GLP-1

Obesity MD can prescribe GLP-1 as a step forward in the fight against excess weight and offers new hope to individuals struggling with managing it. Your weight — and your body's ability to modify it is more than about food and how much you eat. Meet with the medical professionals at Obesity MD in Cicero, Illinois, to determine if this medical breakthrough is right for you.

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What is GLP-1?

GLP-1, or glucagon-like peptide-1, is a crucial hormone naturally produced in the body in regulating blood sugar levels and appetite. It's an agonist of Ozempic and Wegovy, shown to suppress appetite, manage blood sugar levels, and promote feelings of fullness to support weight loss.

Obesity MD can prescribe GLP-1 and help you achieve your weight loss goals with a one-on-one treatment plan and a diet program customized to your lifestyle, work schedule, and eating habits. Our clinic specialists and bariatric doctors are uniquely positioned to address the complex needs of individuals struggling with weight management.

By incorporating GLP-1 medications and utilizing other FDA-approved methods and medications into the treatment plans, we can offer a comprehensive approach to achieving a healthy body composition beyond traditional diet and exercise recommendations.

Before Obesity MD prescribes GLP-1, we'll consider your medical history, physical activity levels, current foods, and long-term goals.

With regular follow-ups and monitoring, our professionals can ensure that patients respond well to treatment and make adjustments as needed. GLP-1 agonists aren't for everyone and can result in undesirable side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, and other gastro upsets, and dosages and administration timing might need to be adjusted.

Additionally, for the complete benefit of being prescribed this medicine, as with any healthy lifestyle, it requires managing nutrition and physical activity levels. We are here to help because we want you to succeed in conquering your weight loss challenges. You can get the desired results with medication and even minor lifestyle changes.

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Obesity MD Creates Personalized Weight Loss Plans

Results: Most patients see results in as little as a few weeks of treatment and can lose up to 15-20% of body fat when prescribed GLP-1 agonists.

We know that losing excess pounds can be challenging and takes more than a weekly injection. The staff at the clinic stands by your side from the initial dose to reaching your target milestone.

GLP-1, which Obesity MD can prescribe, targets the mechanisms that control hunger and satiety. The medication helps to reduce food intake and promotes a feeling of fullness, resulting in sustainable weight loss and improvements in overall health. By integrating this beneficial medicine into their practice, professionals and bariatric doctors at our Cicero, IL clinic can provide a more attainable approach to slimming down that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of weight loss.

Start your journey today!

If you're curious about how many pounds you could lose using GLP-1, contact us by phone or stop by the clinic in Cicero, Illinois. We operate on a walk-in-only basis, so it's easy for you to avoid inconvenient appointment times.

Everyone wants to feel good and look great. You can get there by losing those stubborn pounds, making dietary changes, sticking to an exercise regime, and following the guidance from the experts at Obesity MD.

We're here to help you achieve your weight loss goals through metabolic testing and ongoing support when you want to lose pounds and feel better overall. The GLP-1 medication that Obesity MD is a step in the right direction. Connect with us today by taking advantage of our walk-in clinic, or give us a call to determine if this treatment is proper for you.


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